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Jim Cotta has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist for 20 years. He was the strength coach for the Los Angeles Lakers for 7 years (including their World Championship three-peat) and has trained Shaquille O’Neal, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Mitch Richmond, Eddie Jones, and others.

Strength Coach

3 NBA World Championships


Author of Men’s Health Workout War


Motivational & Sports Performance

  • Men’s Health Workout War

  • Competition motivates men. And scientific research proves that competition and rewards motivate people to stick to exercise and diets.

    Former Los Angeles Lakers strength coach Jim Cotta harnesses men’s passion for one-upmanship with an innovative get-in-shape program in Men’s Health Workout War. This book features a highly effective, 60-day exercise and diet program broken up into quarters and an overtime round. The unique hook is that it makes the fitness instruction much more effective by turning it into a friendly weight-loss war that uses locker-room-style trash talking and cash prizes to drive dramatic results.

    Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal, who penned the book’s foreword, used a “shirts off” competition against Charles Barkley on national television to spur his own body transformation, and Cotta was his weight-loss coach. That gave Cotta the idea to build a blueprint for grassroots fitness competitions, complete with multiple contest formats and advice on using social media to build excitement.

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    Coaching / Trade-show / Speaking / TV Hosting


    Jim currently trains at The Grove and is not taking on outside clients with the exception of  professional athletes

    • Golf
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Weight loss


    Dynamic, fun, and expert content/presentations that helps business leaders and employees ignite fire and passion into their lives.

    • Keynote
    • Motivational or Technical
    • Master classes and workshops
    • Golf fitness presentations


    Jim is at home in front of the camera and behind the mic. As a professional sports insider Jim brings a fresh prospective to viewers and listeners. He can speak from the view of players, coaches and ownership; as well as give inside views of what really goes on in the weight-room and locker-rooms

    • TV / Radio fitness expert
    • TV / Radio player injury analysis
    • Infomercial / Commercial

    Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

    — John Wooden —

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    Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.

    — William B. Sprague —

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    What Jim's Clients Say

    • Jim Cotta is one of the best strength coaches I’ve had the pleasure to work with during my 19 year NBA career.  He makes working out fun, functional, and knows how to motivate people.  During my years with the Los Angeles Lakers, Jim was an integral part of us winning 3 NBA World Championships, and helped me in achieving 3 NBA Finals MVP’s, and the 2000 NBA Most Valuable Player award. Recently Jim helped me transform my body and I dropped close to 40 lbs. in getting ready for a “Shirt Off” competition  against Charles Barkley on TNT’s Inside The NBA.  Jim’s knowledge of exercise, injuries, nutrition, and motivation is what makes him one of the very best in his field.

      Shaquille O'Neal
    • I had the great privilege of working with Jim Cotta for three years while playing for the Lakers.  Jim Cotta’s philosophy, training techniques and structured discipline helped me improve my athleticism, balance and strength while in LA.  I have no doubt that the strength and program that Jim gave me Los Angeles helped prolong and enhance my NBA playing career.  Thanks Jim for all the help.

      Mark Madsen NBA Basketball Player, Stanford University, Assistant Basketball Coach
    • Jim has a keen sense of fitness and training that is golf specific and is as good as anyone in the industry. He assesses your needs, and gives you the tools to help you be stronger in your weak areas. I have seen him work with highly skilled players and bogey golfers alike, and everyone comes away better for the time and effort spent with Jim and his knowledge

      Dick Horton, President, Tennessee Golf Foundation and (1973-2007) Executive Director of the Tennessee Section PGA and Tennessee Golf Association


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